Admission Notice for UKG to 6th Std for the year 2024-25



Generally new admissions are made only for LKG and +1. For Standards from UKG to 6th , the request for new admission depends purely on the vacancies available. It will be sometime during the month of May every year. New admission for Standards from 7th to 10th and 12th will never be entertained.

The process of LKG admission will be initiated sometime in the month of March or April every year. Candidates have to download the applications from the school website. It has to be filled in properly with necessary documents called for, and submitted to the school office on the stipulated day for processing the admission.


To withdraw the student from the school, written application requesting the TC should be sent to the Principal one week prior by the father or mother, if both are not, by the guardian of the student. Bona fide certificate or any other testimonial will be issued on request by the parents or guardian.

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